1. The flat panel screen is also known as

2. The device that the computer uses to keep data is

3. The first key on the computer keyboard is

4. In which of the following are the storage devices arranged on the basis of lowest to the highest capacity?

5. A pen drive

6. The main storage medium within the system unit of the computer is the

7. To boot a computer is the same as to

8. On which bar is the system clock located?

9. The command button used to exit windows application is the

10. An example of an operating system is

11. To copy a file means to

12. Programs that perform specific task for users are refered to as

13. A group of files are stored in a

14. The operation whereby the computer manipulates data to produce information is known as

15. Which of the following components emits radiation?

16. The legal right that does not allow people to copy intellectual property without the permission of the original owner is called

17. Software that presents lessons in a movie-like manner is referred to as

18. The symbos B, I, U are commonly used buttons found on the

19. Right-clicking a mouse on an open window

20. Which of the following computer keyboard keys is used to delete characters from left to right on-screen?

21. Which of the following computer keys allows the user to type upper case letters?

22. Which of the following keys is used for multiple selection of texts that are not continuous?

23. When a user clicks within a selected text by holding down the left mouse button, and then transfers the cursor to a different location within the same document, the text will be

24. Which of the following menu titles contains the bullets and numbering command?

25. In order to apply bold formatting to a section of existing text, the user must first

26. The save command is found under which of the following menu buttons?

27. Which of the following command buttons is found on the standard toolbar?

28. When a text automatically moves to the next line at the end of a margin in a word processing program, it is referred to as

29. Which of the following is a tool on the drawing toolbar?

30. A rectangle can be drawn in word processing application using the

31. The device which is used to produce hard copies from personal computers in schools is

32. A computer program that enables users to surf the internet is known as

33. Word processing is used mainly by

34. Which of the following devices will enable users to get access to the internet connection?

35. Transferring data from a remote computer to local computer is referred to as

36. Specialized programs that assist users to locate information on the internet are called

37. Which of the following refers to unsolicited e-mails in the form of advertising and chain letters?

38. The software responsible for the management of the basic operations of the computer is the

39. On which of the following toolbars is the print preview button located?

40. The intersection of the 8th row and the 7th column in a spreadsheet application will have the cell reference