1. The most common means by which data are input into the computer is through the

2. Computer devices such as mouse, trackpad and joystick are referred to as

3. The flat panel screen is also known as

4. Which of the following is a storage medium?

5. The two components of the personal computer main memory are

6. Which of the following devices has the largest storage capacity?

7. The process that starts an operating system when a computer system is turned on is referred to as

8. Which of the following statements is not true?

9. GUI stands for

10. The software that manages the communication between the hardware and the application software of a computer system is called

11. Windows organizes information on computers using a

12. Which of the following are valid folder names
I. Black/Stars
II. Black : Stars
III. Black_Stars
IV. Black Stars

Use the following information to answer question 13
I. Processing
II. Data
III. Information

13. The sequence of the stages in the information processing cycle is

14. Which of the following is not a safety measure to consider in the ICT environment?

15. The legal right to control the production and selling of a book, play, film and software is known as

16. Which of the following can bring enhanced learning experience to the classroom through the use of pictures, videos and sound?

17. Which of the following is an effect of a loud ringing tone of a mobile phone?

18. To which of the following activities is ICT useful?
I. Education
II. Farming
III. Medicine

19. Which of the following keys are frequently used in our daily typing work on a computer system?
I. Enter key
II. Space Bar
III. Print Screen
IV. Delete Key

20. During typing lessons, computer users are supposed to use

21. The most appropriate finger required to type the letter F on a standard QWERTY computer keyboard is the

22. In the absence of a mouse, which of the following devices could be used to perform its functions?

23. In typing a class assignment given by a Ghanaian Language teacher using the computer, which of the following application programs will be appropriate to use by the student?

24. A key on a keyboard of a computer has two symbols on it, top and down. Which of the following procedures will be appropriate to use to get the top key?

25. To save a previously saved document under a new name, use the

26. To bold a text in a word processing environment, first select the text, then use the shortcut keys

27. The symbols B, I, U are commonly used buttons found on the

28. Which of the following is not a tool on the drawing toolbar?

29. Which of the following is not a toolbar?

30. Lines, block arrows and flowcharts are located on the

31. The default orientation for a word processing document is

32. To preview a document before printing is necessary because

33. A computer program that enables users to surf the internet is known as

34. A teacher using the internet decided to send an electronic mail to Junior High School Students in Ghana. Which of the following will the teacher use to accomplish his/her mission?

35. In e-mail context, what does bcc stand for?

36. The world wide network that makes electronic information available to users is also known as

37. Transferring data from a remote computer to a local computer is referred to as

38. A tool for locating information on the internet is the

39. A mathematical calculation in a spreadsheet is called

40. Which of the following features in a browser enables users to fetch the latest copy of a web page?