1. The Omniscience of God portrays Him as

2. Jacob's children went to Egypt because

3. The aboakyir festival is celebrated by the

4. The Janazah prayer is performed

5. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Christians occurred during the

6. The attributes of God refer to His

7. Braggro is an Akan

8. According to Christian teachings, God created man and woman on the

9. The teachings of Prophet Muhammad are found in the

10. “A crab cannot give birth to a bird” This expression teaches that

11. Jesus came into the world so that people may

12. God's covenant with the patriarchs is associated with

13. Zakat is important in Islam because it

14. By facing the wild beast, Toha Zie

15. Praying regularly is important because it is a

16. The congregational prayer observed by Muslims on Fridays is

17. In traditional religion, it is a taboo to

18. Israel came out of slavery in Egypt under the leadership of

19. Egya Ahor is remembered for sacrificing his life to

20. The last festival celebrated by the Israelites before they left Egypt was the

21. Workers go on strike to

22. Which of the following is not a responsibility of a family head?

23. One danger associated with drug abuse is that it

24. Running errands for the elderly portrays the child to be

25. A common practice in traditional homes at night is

26. Which of the following is not a positive attitude to work?

27. People lead decent lives in order to

28. Good deeds are rewarded to

29. The insect which is proverbially associated with good time management is the

30. Youth camps are usually held to help young people

31. Putting one's interest above that of others results in

32. Folktales are important because, they

33. A wrong way of using one's leisure is

34. In traditional societies, rules used to control the behaviour of members are known as

35. Behaviour patterns of individuals approved by society are known as

36. Looking simple and decent is a sign of

37. Respectful children are always

38. Which of the following is a way of establishing cordial relationship?

39. The growth of pubic hair is a sign of

40. People demonstrate good manners in order to