1. The biblical commandment which has a promise of blessing is

2. In Christianity, the sky, seas, animals and other living things came into being through

3. Ablution is done before prayers in order to

4. The parable of the Good Samaritan teaches us to

5. The traditional man wears talismans in order to

6. According to Akan belief, the order of creation is

7. A summary of the ten commandments is

8. The Holy Communion reminds Christians of Jesus‟

9. Ramadan is the

10. The main reason for celebrating the Homowo Festival is to

11. The patriarchal covenant was made between God and

12. The main lesson that can be learnt from the story of Noah and the flood is

13. Some tribes forbid marriages with close relatives because

14. Jesus accepted to be baptized by John in order to

15. Which Christian virtue did Joseph exhibit in his life?

16. In a prayer of confession, Christians

17. A Muslim is a person who

18. The festival celebrated by Christians to mark the resurrection of Jesus is known as

19. The combination of the Fajr and Asr prayers makes

20. One way by which humankind pollutes the air in the city is by

21. A citizen who indulges in social vices in the community is said to be

22. Greetings are important because they

23. Asking for forgiveness is an indication that a bad deed will be

24. Children who are obedient and live good moral lives are

25. People avoid dangerous substances in order to

26. Which of the following is a form of physical punishment

27. To show that a person is patient, he/ she must

28. A defensive mechanism that can help protect students against drug abuse is

29. Which of the following behaviours can best be described as comportment?

30. Removing one‟s hat when greeting an elder constitutes

31. The saying, Time is money means

32. The main aim of the Girls‟ Brigade is to

33. The best way to live in peace in a community is to

34. Rules and regulations of the country need to be obeyed in order to

35. In a traditional society, the provision of shelter is the responsibility of the

36. Carrying out instructions given by the elderly shows that one is

37. Social conflicts can best be resolved by

38. Using one‟s position to amass wealth at the expense of the public is

39. Humankind works in order to

40. In order to live in harmony with family members, we must be