1. Man was the last creation of God because, God wanted him to

2. The Gye Nyame symbol of the Akans signifies that God is

3. Muslims believe that God created the rain in order to

4. A lesson from the fall of man is that we should

5. The Oneness of Allah is known as

6. The two dreams of Joseph focused on

7. The sixth commandment You shall not kill teaches a lesson on

8. Togbe Tsali gave his jaws to his people as a

9. Which of the following traditional festivals is used for cleansing and purification of society?

10. Muslims face the east when praying because

11. Christians call the Friday on which Jesus was crucified Good Friday because, it

12. A traditional chief may be destooled if he

13. The immediate cause of Muhammad‟s departure to Madina was the

14. The moral significance of most Akan naming ceremonies is

15. In traditional religion, burying the dead with personal belongings signifies that

16. Most Ghanaians name their children after their ancestors. This act reveals their belief in

17. Which of the following religious practices is observed by the three major religions in Ghana?

18. God made man a steward of the earth to

19. The washing of feet, hands and face by Muslims before prayers is known as

20. Which of the following were not among the twelve disciples?

21. To respect the views of others, one has to be

22. Greetings portray an individual as being

23. The proverb tasty soup draws seats means

24. A person who is sincere and upright in his ways is said to be

25. Good behaviour pattern approved by society is known as

26. Rendering an apology for a wrong done shows one as being

27. Children who are obedient and live good moral lives are

28. Capital punishment is meant to

29. According to Jesus, the summary of the ten commandments is

30. Society expects us to perform good deeds in order to

31. A child who does not want the mother to sleep will not sleep either. This implies that our wrong deeds

32. The spirit of patriotism is best shown by the youth of

33. Which of the following can be noticed in those who use drugs?

34. One civic responsibility of a citizen is to

35. Repentance for one‟s wrong action is necessary because it

36. In the family system, an aunt is

37. One way of living a chaste life is to avoid

38. Privileges can be earned by showing that one is

39. Story telling is an important event in a traditional home because it

40. A pupil who is committed to his school will always