1. According to the Bible, the first thing created was

2. Cain‟s violent action against Abel was due to

3. The Akans call God Tweduampon because He is

4. The Israelites were finally led to the land of Canaan by

5. The Odwira festival is important because it is

6. Amina is popular among Muslims because she

7. God‟s omniscience implies that He

8. Islam recommends early marriage and child betrothal in order to

9. The main reason why Christians pray is to

10. The three main religions in Ghana teach that

11. A chapter of the Qur‟an is called

12. The death of Jesus teaches us how we must

13. Mount Calvary was the place where Jesus

14. Moses ordered the celebration of the Passover to commemorate the

15. The moral lesson from the life of Tweneboa Kodua is that one should cultivate the habit of

16. Caliph Abubakar led prayers in the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad because the Prophet

17. Blessed are the meek for they shall

18. Dipo is a traditional

19. The essence of Zakat is to

20. Jesus‟ washing of the feet of His disciples teaches a lesson in

21. Decent dressing and good eating habits show

22. To promote good neighbourliness, we should

23. The best way to enjoy peace and success in life is to

24. A vow not to marry for religious reasons is known as

25. Which of the following is not a punishment in schools?

26. The best way a worker can ask for a good salary is through

27. Which of the following is not true about money? It is

28. Society frowns mostly on

29. One effect of corruption in society is that it

30. The most significant sign of puberty among girls is the

31. “A mighty tree has been uprooted”. This Akan expression shows that a

32. Dumping of refuse at residential areas is dangerous because it may

33. Freedom of expression enables one to

34. The most important moral value in Christianity is

35. Filial responsibility refers to one‟s duty as a

36. “If you travel with lies, you may reach your destination, but you will be unable to retrace your steps”. This implies that

37. All the following are functions of Asafo groups except

38. Smoking is discouraged because it

39. Controlling one‟s temper when provoked is a sign of

40. As a sign of repentance, a sinner should