1. God revealed himself in the Garden of Eden to

2. The Qur‟an was revealed to Muhammed through

3. Which of the following celebrations signifies the salvation of all Christians?

4. Which of the Ten Commandments carries a promise?

5. The most important source of morality in Islam is

6. Isaac prayed for his wife Rebecca because, she

7. The practice whereby a Muslim gives a certain percentage of his wealth to the needy is called

8. God saved the believers from the flood through

9. Caliph Abu Bakr is remembered for

10. The sprinkling of kpoikpoi during Homowo signifies

11. The belief in the oneness of Allah is known as

12. Muslims fast in the month of Ramadan in order to

13. The need for repentance is expressed in the parable of the

14. Constant prayers are offered among Muslims to enable them to

15. Unhappiness in marriage occurs when couples

16. Which of the following attributes of God shows that He has the whole world under His view?

17. The Ga introduce the child to rain and earth during outdooring ceremony by

18. The Holy Communion reminds Christians of Jesus‟

19. The name Moses means

20. The traditional festival which helps to develop the strength of the youth is

21. Good working habits include all the following except

22. In advising the youth, the elderly usually ends with the proverb,

23. Which of the following is not a cause of teenage pregnancy?

24. Hard work is most often crowned with

25. We show good manners by

26. Which of the following factors best helps in promoting good family relationships?

27. When things go wrong with our lives, we must blame

28. The Adae festival is celebrated to mark the

29. Household chores are done mainly by the

30. The rights and privileges of every citizen is guaranteed in the

31. One who loves his/ her country

32. A major reason for establishing traditional youth organization is to

33. Undergoing puberty rites is important because it

34. The basic quality expected in any youth organisation is

35. To promote peaceful living in the home,

36. Which of the following is not a reason for living a decent life?

37. A proverb is a wise saying meant to

38. At what age does one qualify to vote?

39. Human rights include all the following except

40. Folktales are important because, they