1. The first Ark to save God‟s people from the flood was built by

2. Jesus Christ began his ministry at the age of

3. A Muslim is a person who

4. From the age of eight, Muhammad was brought up by

5. The Muslim festival of sacrifice is

6. One of the characteristics of the African Traditional Religion is that it

7. Traditional religion is practiced in order to

8. God is omnipresent. This means that God

9. God blessed and made the Sabbath holy because it was the day

10. Salat is to prayer as charity is to

11. Akwasidae according to the Akan calendar is

12. The first Jewish temple was built by

13. Jesus Christ was born in

14. Which of the following succeeded Muhammad?

15. The main role of angels in Islam is to

16. How many times do Muslims go round the Ka‟ba during the Hajj?

17. The Dentsi Asafo Company is associated with the festival of

18. Which of the following festivals help to develop the strength and vitality of the youth?

19. One of the roles of the ancestor is to

20. Dipo is a traditional

21. One can promote good relationship and peaceful living by being

22. Which of the following does not promote progress in a society?

23. Kofi‟s father is an Ewe and the mother is Fante. Which of the following statements about Kofi is true?

24. The main cause of diseases in our communities is

25. Conflicts develop among us through

26. Which organisation in Ghana, deals with human rights issues

27. To die intestate means

28. Which of the following pairs of games can best make the child wise and strong?

29. When you apologize for committing an offence, you are said to be

30. Leisure time is described as a time for

31. Obedience to the laws of the state can make us

32. A good eating habit involves

33. We contribute to church dues and offerings to

34. To live a chaste life, one must

35. The practice of the moral teachings of the various religions will lead to

36. Which type of substance is coffee?

37. “The child breaks the shell of a snail and not that of the tortoise.” This proverb means one

38. Which of the following does not constitute a moral responsibility of the child?

39. What contribution can a child make when a community school is being put up?

40. One of the benefits of working hard is